Caressed By Ice (Psy-Changelings, Book 3) [Nalini Singh] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Brenna, a she-wolf Psy, was abducted by a . Caressed By Ice. Nalini Singh. Buy This Book. What is it about emotionally distant men that make my inner heroine stand up and take notice?. This is the thread where you can freely discuss Caressed By Ice and the previous books in the Psy/Changeling series. *SPOILERS* allowed, so.

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Very pleasant and imaginative! Return to Book Page. At the same time, he lives among the SnowDancer wolf pack. Most people would not have survived, however Brenna has a will of steel, and refused to be broken. I think Faith’s father is the Ghost, but I am wondering about Kaleb I had so much fun reading this book!

That man is pure ice. She seems to be able to break through to him and make him feel, how long do we have to wait for his story!!! That, to me, is amazing and part of what makes this world, this series a favorite.

So we get to see not only the Changelings push for change, because they’re powerful even if the Psy have forgotten they’re more than just animals, AND we get to see the very beginnings of the Psy push for change.


What are you reading and loving this week? There is something to be said about good old school Paranormal Romance!!!

Sep 02, Adrienne rated it really liked it. Sign in with Facebook Sign nailni options. This series ia a great read for anyone wanting more than just a romance story, the world created by Singh is multi layed and compelling to read about. I want to be best friends with all the MCs! Singh has created an amazing science fiction world that just keeps getting better with each novel.

Plus he has some cool telekinetic abilities that come in handy. Not only is he a Psy, but he is an Icd, which is the most lethal Psy assassin.

Caressed by Ice – Nalini Singh :: NYT bestselling author

As a child he had been subjected to the most excruciating pain and then been taught to block it. He’s a great hero. He stepped forward and her fingertips tingled, claws threatening to release. She almost died in the hands of a psychopath Psy and she was mind-raped by him. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


But Brenna had been broken by an evil spawned of his own race. I also think that Sienna is Hawke’s mate. Silence had been invented for those like him—the brutal killers and the viciously insane, those who had turned the world of the Psy into sibgh blood-soaked hell so bad, Silence had become the better choice. I loved that they accepted each other for the people they were and not who they dingh the other to be.

Psy, cold as ice to all appearances, but he risked his life to save the children in his family. Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Caressed by Ice Quotes

He cleans up their messes and does their dirty work for them. Whisper of Sin, 0,6. Singh would be on that list. The happy ending that Judd never expected to have for himself. As always, the plot was good. I’ll take that as a no.