Salaris en arbeidsvoorwaarden metalektro hp Sbi code vervaardiging van edelmetalen en overige nonferrometalen. Did you know that orgalime. Metalektro – PME], the Dutch Merchant Navy’s Company Pension Fund . Chief Asset Officer (CAO) . At the time of these appointments (late ) too, there. electrical engineering industry, in Dutch shorthand Metalektro) and covers mainly CAO in Metalektro inzake Arbeidsmarkt en Opleiding (A + O) /

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In a metal industry cso an employee in the position of Sales Support Manager has been employed since On July 24th the employee reaches the age of Since the com-pany has to undergo a reorganization the employee is exempted from work from February 18th till July 1stthe date the employee is entitled to retirement.

The employer assumes that the contract will legally terminate because of the reached retirement age. The employer primarily refers to the CAO Metalektro the collective labour agreement for metal and electronics that contains a provision stating that the employment contract ends at reaching the age of During an earlier merger, the employee once became employed by a holding company and for this company the collective mrtalektro was not applicable, even though after the merger the employee remained doing the work at the operating company that previously employed him.

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Even a reference in the employment contract to a regulation that declares the CAO applicable, is insufficient for the magistrate because the employee denies ever having received these regulations and the employer can not prove the opposite. Based on this the magistrate therefore declares that nothing has been specified between the parties about the end of the employment contract upon reaching the age of Yet the claims of the employee are rejected.


The employer had in respect of retirement dis-missal also relied on the argument of common use, in particular the common use in the indus-try. This appeal is accepted by the magistrate.

The magistrate refers to a decree from by the Supreme Court indicating that at that point in time it can not be said that the rule that a contract in general legally ends upon reaching the age of 65 is no longer consistent with the views of law in large sections of the population.

Termination of metslektro employment contract upon reaching the statutory retirement age is not in itself prohibited age discrimination, because in this case an exception is made in the law. Whether this implies that the contract will automatically terminate upon reaching that age is a question about which case law is divided.

Employers who want a contract to legally end when reaching the meyalektro retirement age, would do well to include a specific provision in the em-ployment contract even though the validity of such a provision is not undisputed. Wilan van Kuijk mr.

Connie de Metalekktro mr. Ons kantoor is gespecialiseerd in de juridische en fiscale aspecten van personeelsvraagstukken: Wij bieden ook casemanagers die werkgevers helpen de kosten van arbeidsongeschikte werknemers te beperken! Is die dure WGA-uitkering wel terecht aan uw ex-werknemer toegekend? Met de WGA-scan weet u het! Werkgevers kunnen zich aansluiten bij de Stichting Klachtenregeling Ongewenste Omgangsvormen om te voldoen aan de wettelijke eisen op het gebied van psycho-sociale arbeidsbelasting.


Maar wij verrichten ook diensten op gebieden rondom het personeel. Ons kantoor kent ook diverse vormen van dienstverlening, waarmee wij u pro-actief van dienst kunnen zijn.

Over meyalektro kosten van onze dienstverlening zijn wij graag zo duidelijk mogelijk, zowel tevoren als achteraf. Ons kantoor organiseert regelmatig studiebijeenkomsten over actuele onderwerpen op het gebied van het arbeidsrecht, de metalketro of de loonheffing.

Op onze website vindt u vooral ook inhoudelijke informatie op het gebied van het arbeidsrecht, de werknemersverzekeringen en de loonheffing. Zaken doen betekent voor ons: You are now here: End of employment contract at reaching the age of 65?

Year of publication Year of publication Reference Subdistrict Dordrecht April 14thwww.

Cao metalelektro 2010 pdf

BQ Decision In a metal industry company an employee in the position of Sales Support Manager has been employed since Comments Termination of an employment contract upon reaching the statutory retirement age is not in itself prohibited age discrimination, because in this case an exception is made in the law.

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