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Get U2DHP DATA HIGHWAY PLUS CABLE at wholesale prices at Westburne – your electrical distributor. Join Now!. Allen-Bradley U2DHP USB-to-Data Highway Plus Adapter with Cable for programming PLC-5 or SLC 5/04 processors using a personal computer. Update the firmware version on the U2DHP to version The U2DHP lets you connect a computer to a Data Highway Plus (DH+) network via an.

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October 26th, I’m installing new computers running win7 64 bit and using Factory Talk 7. What the heck am I doing wrong? I’ve been through the baud rate and com port 4 on my computer and can’t get it to work. I get the same issue on my laptop. Check device manager and make sure it did not assign a different com port like com 5. 17844 can and does chnage for various reasons. Ron Beaufort Some jobs start out best with a Sawzall and a Dumpster on casters.


I got a conflict message, so I uninstalled and reinstalled and changed the com port. Also, I’m using a graceport device as an adapter to go from blue 1874 to the minidin, but when I plug j2dhp in the channel light on my processor turns off, I think that indicates that the channel is inactive, and when I unplug it blinks slowly.

Delete the driver in Linx and restart the PC. The plug it back it and check what com port is assigned and setup the driver again. If you com port changes the driver won’t work and has to be changed. The grace ports adaptor is fine no smarts in it just an adaptor.

Allen Bradley 1784-u2dhp 2013 1784U2DHP USB to Data Highway Plus Cable Adapter

Are you using the U2DHP driver? Originally Posted by Jcooli Find More Posts by geniusintraining. I’ve tried all of that stuff sighuninstalled the u2bhp driver, changed the com port, uninstalled the linx driver, changed the node number.


The only thing I can think of that I haven’t done is uninstalling rslinx and reinstalling. October 28th, Originally Posted by The Plc Kid. October 29th, Is the USB indicator on the module green? If not you have a problem with the driver in the laptop, I just went through this.

October 30th, Originally Posted by geniusintraining. All times are GMT The time now is Please DON’T use it for advertising, etc.

Allen Bradley u2dhp U2DHP USB to Data Highway Plus Cable Adapter | eBay

Click here now to try it. Find More Posts by Jcooli Find More Posts by rexcramer. Originally Posted by rexcramer If not you have a problem with the driver in the laptop. Originally Posted by geniusintraining See below Twitter Reddit Digg del. January 30th, November 24th, April 14th, January 27th,